IniRadio #204: Rival Sons - Burn Down Los Angeles

Rival Sons stammen aus Los Angeles und wollen anscheinend ihre Heimatstadt niederbrennen. So etwas befürworte ich ja eigentlich eher selten, aber angesichts des staubtrocken-knackigen Classic Rock, den die Burschen in den knapp 2 1/2 Minuten des Songs abfackeln, ergreift mich neroeskes Wohlwollen.

I come from the mountains, down to the water. / I come to drink from the dreams of your sons and daughters,
I come from the summer off of the rail,/ With my hammer in hand about to hit it on the nail.
I'm gonna burn down Los Angeles, burn down Los Angeles.
I come for revenge for my broken dreams./ I didn't come to wait tables or park limousines.
I come to get up from my hands and knees./ I come to steal the honey from the killer bees.


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