IniRadio #123: Therion - Voyage Of Gurdjieff (The Fourth Way)

Zum Wocheneinstieg etwas musikalisch leicht bekömmliches mit Operngesang, Chor, Power Metal, Waldhorn und Esoterik. Die Mischung kriegen nur Therion hin.

Wer mitsingen will (ich sehe dabei im Auto immer völlig bekloppt aus und warte auf den Tag, an dem ich mit diesem Gesichtsausdruck geknipst werde):

Walk all alone on a quest to wake up, as the day you said: /"Life is only real then, when 'I am'
When I walk on the way, of the Fourth Way"/When your journey begins you'll meer the world
You'll see the sleep

Dance a sufi dance and fall into a trance/ Like a Derwish you dance
Dance with Yezidis and learn their secret lore.../Voyage of Gurdjieff

Learn how to live, how to use the Octave/ Listen to the tale (of) The lord of Flies tonight
Nine pointed star, it will shine on your soul/And you'll find your way like a Herald of Light
Who show the way like Gurdjieff

[verse repeat]

Learn how to live, how to use the Octave/ On the Fourth Way the life is only real
Then, when 'I am', when I walk on the way/ On the Fourth Way, like a Herald of Light and the Dark

Is there life on Earth? The World will set you free/ Voyage of Gurdjieff, are we like machines?
No, we can build a soul like black diamond


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